Seminary Can Be Expensive So…Nominate Me?

As many of you know, I’m currently enrolled in seminary working towards an M.Div. As many of you may also know, seminary is not free. Throw in a family which includes a teenager and an injured wife with medical bills, and seminary seems even more expensive.

Wait – don’t leave – I’m not asking you for money!

All I’m asking is for you to please nominate me for The Blogging Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $10,000 for the winner. Here are two basic reasons for you to vote for me:

  1. You appreciate what I do here and would like to show your appreciation by nominating me for this scholarship.
  2. Based my work here you are sure that I need some theological education.

Sound good? Click here to nominate me!

The submission deadline is October 21, 2010. My school is New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

I really appreciate any and all nominations.



P.s. Be creative, but don’t lie…unless it’s true.

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