Not my own

A friend made a very touching blog entry which reminded me of something we recited as a response on Sunday morning.

It is from the Heidelberg Catechism.

Q. What is your only comfort in life and in death?

A. That I am not my own,
But belong –
Body and soul,
In life and in death –
To my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

Because I belong to Him,
Christ, by His Holy Spirit,
Assures me of eternal life
And make me wholeheartedly willing and ready
From now on to live for Him.

I don’t know what more needs to be said at this point. I think we’d do well to remind ourselves of this often and, more especially, in times of crisis and grief. Our lives are not our own and we (atleast I do) often forget that and get entangled in the world. We get drug down in the muck not looking to the cross. Yet, another reason to find rest in Christ weekly on His day.


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