Note on T4G 2010

Together for the Gospel 2010 is over. It was fun while it lasted. Seriously, it was a great time. I was thankful to even be able to attend. Even more, I was thankful I was able to attend with my church’s staff and a couple other church members.

This was my first time attending. I would do it again if the Lord provides away. The speakers were great. The free books I brought home pictured above were great. (See larger picture here.) I know my wife will really appreciate me bringing home more books! (Note: T4G may actually weaken your marriage in some ways!)

The best part was the fellowship with approximately 7,000 other Christians! And to be able to sing praises to the Lord with everyone was wonderful.
Together for the gospel crowdI got to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while as well as meet some new people. All of this in the context of the gospel.

There is something about being at T4G in person and experiencing worship with everyone that just can’t be replicated on an iPod.

Band of Bloggers was really cool. Some convicting words for bloggers were shared and I got to meet some fellow bloggers, including the panel. I walked right by Challies and said hi, but he was already talking and I did not want to be rude.  I sat next to Stephen Newell during this time.

Some words on the insignificance of bloggers were expressed. I should have shared my confirming experience with everyone, but I only got to tell Trevin Wax afterward. During my 1.5 hours of standing in line to register, I asked about eight people if they were going to BoB. Then, on my way to BoB at one of the hotels, I asked another eight guys while walking together the same question. Although all of these men were T4G attendees none of them had heard of BoB.

How influential are Christian bloggers in the real world again?

It makes me wonder. Of course, we should already know Christian blogging is a small world of its own. I may say more later about BoB as I think about the insights and opinions shared.

The conference and break-out session were also very good. By now everyone can listen for themselves, but like I said above, the experience just won’t be the same. I really appreciated Matt Chandler’s message on suffering. It’s simply unbelievable what he has recently gone through with brain cancer. Then, there was John Piper’s message that really laid out sola fide very well. Ligon Duncan’s message on the early church fathers was an important one too. Well..yes, I did like all of the speakers.

So…what is probably more important though is answering the question…

Now what?

What will those who attended actually do with what they’ve learned or been encouraged by? Or, how about those who will listen at home? Conferences can be great, but what does the individual actually intend do achieve with them?

I can’t help but think that if all we do with this information is enjoy it and file it away as a memory that it becomes not much more than another form of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, this is probably very easy to do. I’d love to hear how the conference has encouraged folks and if it changes anyone’s approach to ministry.

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