Obama, Abortion and Pay Grades

Christianity Today’s morning article Obama says abortion comment at megachurch forum too flip has some interesting quotes from Obama speaking about his answer to when a baby gets human rights at the Saddleback Forum.  Remember, Obama first said that this question was “above my pay grade.”  One immediate problem with that is many people are voting either for or against him based on this very issue.  And it is clear that he also has an opinion on the issue based on his voting record and his own words.  If he really thought it were above his pay grade he would not have voted and not given a public opinion.  It would have stayed “private” in the same way many politicians claim their faith is private.  Private when it’s convenient, I’d say.

Let’s look at some quotes from today’s article linked above.

“Yes. I mean, what I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility about understanding when does the soul enter into…,” he explained.

“It’s a pretty tough question,” he continued. “And so, all I meant to communicate was that I don’t presume to be able to answer these kinds of theological questions.”

We see here that he calls them theological questions, I agree, but they are also part of his political platform.  So are Obama’s religious beliefs and political beliefs separate conerning this area?  It’s a bit tough to tell since he takes a solid political position, but doesn’t tell his theological position.  I wonder if and when he comes to a theological position if he’ll make it public and if it will effect his political position.

I think their is an easier way to understand when baby gets human rights or when a soul enters the body.  It’s not highly philosophical nor deeply theological per se.  That is, is IT alive?  And, what is IT?  If it continues to grow what will IT be?  Even in a naturalist outlook have we ever had anything birthed from a woman what was not human?  Yes, IT is alive and IT is a human life.  This human life will grow and mature as we all do.

Obama, in his interview Sunday, had also explained that abortion is a moral issue and he does not think the government “criminalising” the decision of families is the best way to reduce the practice.

So Obama admits the issue is theological and moral, yet doesn’t want to criminalize it.  And he still votes certain ways on the issue of abortion.  Who is it moral for?  The (potential?) child or whatever IT is?  What other moral and theological issues that involve taking the life of SOME THING can we not criminalize?  If Obama isn’t sure about when life begins then why is this a moral issue for him?

Joe Biden is also quoted in the article.  He actually has a better voting record on abortion than Obama.

Meanwhile, Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, said during a separate interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that as a Roman Catholic he accepts the Church’s teachings that life begins at conception.

However, he thinks it is inappropriate in a pluralistic society to impose his judgment on others.

I hope that is a difficult position for him to hold.  If he thinks it is inappropriate to impose his judgment on others then why is he doing it?  Why is he voting one way or another on these issues?  The fact that he votes to promote one ideology over another in any issue that affects others IS imposing his judgment.  He should get out of public office where he makes decisions for thousands of others if he really believes this way.

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1 Dave September 24, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Is Obama a true Christian or a Muslim?
Does he really believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Can Obama pass the Jesus Test?

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