Obama, Higher Taxes, Selfish Virtue

I want to offer an idea that is atleast a step in the right direction for those who favor Obama’s tax increase.  I read the article where is quoted concerning taxes and selfishness Obama.

“John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic,” Obama continued. “You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”(Source: ABC News)

So if someone believes the government should work a bit differently when it comes to raising taxes they are trying to make selfishness a virtue?  The government is an entity made up of people and is only has virtuous as those people make it.  Virtues start at home with self and family and are informed by your worldview.  If we reduce Obama’s position back to the self and family what do we find?  We find certain relatives that have been reported as not being cared for by Obama.  And when charitable giving is factored in we have to ask: Who is more inclinded to make selfishness a virtue?  Maybe Obama was making a “birds of a feather” statement.

The Pro-Choice Tax Idea

So I was thinking.  Why can’t we be pro-choice on taxes the same way Obama is pro-choice on abortion?  A human life is so valueable who can really put a price tag on it?  If Obama can’t say when life begins how in the world can he say when my money becomes no longer my money?

There will probably be atleast 60,000,000 people voting for Obama.  Among those who support and gave money are very wealthy celebrities.  For a huge list check this List of 300+ Celebrities That Support Obama as well as Party of the Rich at NationalReviewOnline.  Back in Sept. it was reported that celebrities gave quite a bit more to Obama and Clinton that to McCain.

Obama received more than $4.8 million and Hillary Clinton, his main challenger in the Democratic primaries, took in another $3.6 million from the industries as of Aug. 20.

McCain got less than $900,000.(Source: ABC News)

So what’s the plan?  All 60 million plus people who are voting for Obama, which include the above ultra-rich, should take no deductions on their taxes this year.  Whatever organizations you support do not claim them in order to reduce your gross income.  Rather, keep your gross income as high as you possibly can so you can pay the maximum amout of taxes.  Then, if you get any “refund” send back atleast 1/3 or more of it.  This is a good way for Obama supporters to lead by example! I wonder if Obama took any tax deductions thereby reducing his tax burden.

Think about it: (300 celebs X $1 million/avg. giving back) + (60,000,000 x only $100 each) = $9,000,000,000.  Yes, that’s $9 billion!

Hey, it’s a start!


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