Passing of Michael Spencer the iMonk 1956-2010

Sadly, this week Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, passed away. He was no stranger to expressing his views and stirring up conversations on them, both for and against, in the blogosphere. It is no surprise that his death is stirring up the blogosphere.

This time though the conversations are that of grace and appreciation.

It was in June of 2009 at the Advance09 Conference. I was upstairs talking with my good friend Russ while checking out the display tables. Then, I saw Michael walk by.

I took a few steps and yelled out to him in my deep voice, “Michael!” “Michael!”

He turned around, looked up, stretched out his arms downward and said, “Yes, Lord.”

That’s when Russ and I got to meet him. I introduced myself and he knew who I was from the blog world. We chit-chatted about the conference, a few things SBC and some of our friends in the blog world.

This was the first and only time I got to meet Michael in person. He was a very nice and jovial person. I could easily see how someone would enjoy being friends with him and hanging out, even in the face of any disagreements.

I probably started reading Michael’s writing back in 2002. I appreciated what he had to say. He would certainly make you think about the gospel and the Christian life. I’m sure his writings will continue to do so.

He will certainly be remembered for his contributions to the Evangelical world. He will also be missed.

May God rest his soul and be with his family.

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