Blog Action Day 2008:Poverty

What is poverty?  How do we fight poverty?  Can we do more?  How do we do more?  What is particular day all about?

What is Blog Action Day?
Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!
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The Issue

Like many things the answers to the above questions depends on who you ask.  I imagine the most basic elements that define poverty would be people who don’t have enough food and water on a daily basis with maybe little to hardly any clothing.  Yes, we can do more.  There are many organizations that people can get involved with to help fight poverty.  I will share one of them below.

Poverty is real and it’s worldwide.  When my wife spent several weeks in Nicaragua she saw much poverty first hand.  Hearing her story and showing me the pictures she took really brings to life what I have only imagined.  My wife was shocked when she came home and went to the grocery store.  To see the amount of food that one grocery store had was overwhelming for her.  We are so used to excess here in the United States that we many times take for granted what we have.

What We Do

First, as Christians, my wife and I give to our local church.  We have a great missions pastor with a great big heart!  One example where our missions pastor has lead our church in is supporting some very poor orphanages in the Ukraine.  From a Christian perspective this is one way we can help fight poverty.  Hopefully, you’re church is already doing something along the lines of this on the local level and beyond.

Individually, my wife and I support a Compassion child through Compassion International.  You’d be amazed at what only $32 a month can do.  Yes, that’s right, only $32 a month.  We were encouraged to do this after listening to a sermon by Matt Chandler whose church, The Village Church, sponsors around 700 Compassion children.  It’s very encouraging and touching to get letters and pictures from our child.  It’s also very grounding and humbling.  While we are worried about the economy and our retirement plans these children are worried about having enough food to eat and that there is enough water to fetch.  I’m thankful the Lord led us to sponsor a child.

What About You?

Check out Compassion International and consider sponsoring a child.  Or, click the banner in this post and find out about the other ways you can help others through various organizations.  You can also check your local community to see where and how you can serve.

If you’re a Christian, the above also applies to you.  First, see what your church is doing.  Talk to your pastor(s) and see if you can do more!  You could get people from your church involved to do more locally.  You could also get involved with some of the organizations at Blog Action Day and move beyond your local community.

What if you don’t think you can afford to help someone living in poverty?  If you’re not sure about giving your actual time and you think your money might be too tight, just take a look at how much a very little commitment can do.  Consider the cost of doing vs. not doing.

For what its’ worth…


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