Praising God When Your Baby Passes Away

Could you praise God in all things? Do you?  Could you praise God if He took a 3 month old infant to go home with Him?  Could you preach the funeral of this child?  How about preaching the Gospel at the funeral including mentioning that all are sinners?  Could you speak about the glorifying God and enjoying Him forever?  Could you speak of God’s grace in such a way?  Could you trust in the goodness and sovereignty of God?  Could you speak about it?

Could you do all of the above if you were the father of the 3 month old little girl?

I don’t know if I could.  If so, it would only be by the grace of God. And let me tell you, Brad Hovis did just that for his 3 month old daughter Molly Hovis.  Mark Driscoll has an endearing post about the Hovis family where you can find more information Molly and even see her precious picture.  Driscoll writes

Brad and I spoke on the phone shortly after his daughter Molly died. He impressed me with his faith in God, love for his family, devotion to the gospel, and desire to lead others through this incredibly difficult loss. Our conversation took place shortly after I had dropped my kids off at school following our weekly daddy breakfast, and I choked back tears considering what it would be like to preach the funeral of one of my children. (source)

I understand the choking back of tears that he writes about.  You can listen through the tears Brad Hovis via stream: Molly Hovis’ Funeral Message – Brad Hovis or download as MP3.   If ever there was a way to try and understand having a joyful sorrow, as Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 6:10 as sorrowful yet always rejoicing, this funeral message is it.

Thanks to my good fried Russ for alerting me to this sorrowful rejoice.  I hope you will join me in praying for the Hovis family.  I’m very sorry for their loss, but praise God for the grace He’s strengthened them with.  Pastor Hovis’ funeral message is quite a testimony of trusting and loving God.  It’s a blessing in the hardest of ways.

Thankfully, as reported on their blog, Little Miss Molly, her mother Haley tells us that the Colorado Baptist General Convention has set up a fund for Molly to help offset medical bills and funeral expenses.

Feel led to help?

Mail donations to:
7393 South Alton Way
Centennial, CO 80112-2302

Or give online at:
the e-give button is at the bottom right.

Grace and peace,


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1 Kelly December 14, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Those are some difficult questions.
I found your blog through TurretinFan’s.
If you drop by mine and find something interesting that you would like to have a conversation about, feel free to begin one.


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