Pray for Late Term Abortion Day

Kelly Clinger at LifeSiteNews shares a heart-breaking story about a woman who aborted her twins when she was about 20-weeks pregnant.1 Clinger reports that the abortion took place on a Wednesday – late term abortion day – at Orlando Women’s Center.

The only mother’s warmth those twins had known was taken away from them by their mother. The woman also has daughters who will never know their twin siblings. How will her daughters react to the abortion? What will mom tell them? What do mom’s actions teach the daughters? Admittedly, the mother does not want her daughters.

Those poor daughters, if told the truth about their siblings, will be taught that abortion is morally acceptable. They will be taught to be contributors to today’s culture of death. Worse, they will be taught from an uncaring mother.

“Culture of death” is harsh. Yet, such a description is accurate, especially, in this situation. The mother of those twins had other options. Clinger states that, “Many offered financial help and many offered to adopt her babies.” One pro-abortion argument is to attempt a moral equivalency by asking who will provide for the children if women forgo abortions and give birth.

This woman had life options and still chose death.

There is still hope in the gospel. What this mother did was evil; sinful. Like all sin, the gospel offers hope of forgiveness through repentance of sin and belief in Jesus Christ. Hopefully, those who were praying for her before the abortion have continued praying. Maybe she will come to know the love of God through Christ and then be able to love her daughters.

What to say. Outside of sharing the gospel: What do you say to a mother who wants to abort her baby, won’t take help for her unborn, and doesn’t care about her other kids?

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