Racism, Not Religious Freedom

It is not racism if someone does not want to vote for Barack Obama and wants him out of office because of his politics. It is racism if you tell a black man that you do not want him bagging your groceries because he is “negroidal”.

This really happened in Big Sandy, TX.

BIG SANDY — A Hawkins man is claiming his civil rights and religious freedom were violated earlier this year when a black man sacked his groceries and a Big Sandy grocery store owner banned the customer from the business.

DeWitt R. Thomas filed a federal lawsuit in July against Keith Langston, owner of Two Rivers Grocery & Market.

According to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Tyler, Thomas entered the market on March 5 to buy food.

He stated in a nine-page, hand-written lawsuit that he told the grocery sacker, a black man, “Wait a minute, don’t touch my groceries. I can’t have someone negroidal touch my food. It’s against my creed.”

Thomas claimed the cashier was “perplexed” by his request and yelled at him to take his items and leave.

In a telephone interview Wednesday, Thomas said, “It’s pretty simple. They treated me really bad because I told them it was against my creed.” – Lawsuit claims black sacker, ban from Big Sandy grocery store violated customer’s rights by Sarah Thomas. news-journal.com.

Sad. Ridiculous. And many other descriptives.

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1 mburatov August 17, 2012 at 3:23 pm

It is beyond belief. There are simply no good reasons to not want a man of a darker hue to touch your food. This is rubbish and the court should throw it out and unceremoniously trash it.


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