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As I was thinking of a name for the blog I asked the folks I was chatting with in #prosapologian. My friend TheHinge came up with names like “TheologicalGRITS” while DrOakley mentioned something to the effect of blogging or theology “in the Georgian Outback”. Finally, I came up with what you see now – “Sweet Tea & Theology”. I first had “Iced Tea & Theology” even though I was thinking about using “Sweet Tea” instead. My girlfriend thought that “Sweet Tea” would be better. I liked it so I changed it.

The quote at the top of the page – The question is not, “Am I good enough to be a Christian?” rather, the question is, “Am I good enough not to be?” – I came up with about 1.5 years ago when thinking about how the world views Christians. So many times I’ve heard non-Christians talk about how Christians think they are “good” and that we think we are holier or better than others. Well, this is not the case at all. The whole purpose of trusting in Christ and His righteousness is that we can never be good enough in and of ourselves to satisfy a holy God and get to heaven. Sadly, there are many Christians today who do not come across so humbly (I am guilty of this myself). However, this again is a sign that we are indeed sinners in need of the Savior. Even when we are defending the truth we get accused of a superior attitude and such. So we must press on during our sanctification always trusting in Christ and looking to Him. Relying on His sovereignty over all things and realize we can’t change nor make people except us or our views. Only God can change the heart. We must just stand on the truth, living it and defending it while not expecting nor attempting to require that God must do this or that because of what we’ve done. Reminds me of John Piper’s Debtor’s Ethic that so many are infected with in the church today. Yeah, I know, talk is cheap, but it’s usually the most effective way I know how to communicate.

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1 James Swan June 16, 2004 at 10:43 pm

Nice site.

Now post something controversial.

I would have picked, “Long Island Ice Tea”


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