Rejoice On the Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day is approaching. I won’t be with my local church family due to celebrating my anniversary. However, I will still worship with my larger church family in the area in which we are staying. I leave you with these thoughts from The complete works of Richard Sibbes ( 74), as we all prepare our hearts and minds for worship.

And rejoice in Christ.
The word ‘ rejoice ‘ implies a boasting or glorying of the heart, manifesting itself in outward countenance and gesture, as also in speech. It also implies a resting on and contenting in the thing we glory in, proceeding from an assurance that we glory in a thing worthy of glory, for they are fools that delight in baubles. Observe hence, therefore,

Doct. 1 That those that will worship Christ aright must glory in him. For the worship of Christ ia a thing that requires encouragement, and nothing can work this encouragement like the glorying in Christ. And therefore Paul, in the first part of his epistle to tho Romans, having shewed that God had elected them freely, and had begun the work of sanctification in their hearts, he comes in the 12th chapter, ver. 1, ‘ I beseech you,’ saith he, ‘ present yourselves as a holy, living, and acceptable sacrifice to God.’ And in Titus ii. 11, ‘The grace of God teacheth,’ by encouraging us ‘to deny ungodliness, and to walk unblameably, soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world.’ And therefore, whensoever we grow dull or dead, think of the great benefits that we have by Christ, and it will quicken us and all our performances.

Doct. 2. In the next place observe, That Christ is the matter and subject of true glory and rejoicing, and only Christ, for they well go together, a full and large affection with a full and large object. Boasting is a full affection, the object is every way as full.

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