Ridiculous Item: ‘Jesus was HIV Positive’

Apparently, South African pastor, Xola Skosana, has claimed that Jesus was HIV positive to raise awareness about how poorly churches treat people who are HIV positive. This report comes from the Daily Mail Reporter story ‘Jesus was HIV-positive’: South African pastor sparks outrage with bizarre claim.

A bizarre claim and then some.

‘Wherever you open the scriptures Jesus puts himself in the shoes of people who experience brokenness,’ the Pastor told the BBC. ‘Isaiah 53, for example, clearly paints a picture of Jesus who takes upon himself the infirmities and the brokenness of humanity.

‘Of course, there’s no scientific evidence that Jesus had the HI [sic] virus in his bloodstream. The best gift we can give to people who are HIV-positive is to help de-stigmatise Aids and create an environment where they know God is not against them, he’s not ashamed of them.’

To conclude his sermon, he says: ‘The message to the church is that it is not enough for us to give people food privately and give them groceries, we must create an environment that’s empowering because most people who are HIV-positive will not necessarily die of Aids-related sickness but more of a broken heart, out of rejection.’

See, this is not about Jesus and His gospel that fixes broken people through a new heart, forgiveness of sins and eternal life. It’s about those whom the church have not always dealt with well due to their own sin. Wouldn’t it be better to point to Christ rather than to try to guilt people into feel bad for not accepting certain people? Why not go to Christ and his encounter with those with leprosy i.e. Matt. 8, Mark 14, Luke 17? What is the answer – Jesus or someone’s guilt and will-power?

The people in this guilt trip are those who are HIV positive. How about some others that the church has not always done such as pedophiles, homosexuals, pornography users, adulterers, etc.?

Will Jesus be named as one of them next?

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1 mike November 5, 2010 at 9:59 am

yeah this one is weird. the hermeneutical move doesn’t really work for me. hermeneutics in general is such a delicate endeavor – trying to find the right parallel application for a truth learned in scripture is tough. this one seems like a classic example of having a topic BEFORE going to the text instead of deriving a topic FROM the text. that kind of start typically leads to this kind of hermeneutic.

2 Golias Bauknecht November 5, 2010 at 4:55 pm

And why not? Jesus condescended to wash the feet of those the wider society condemned as sinful, hateful, and low people. Surely he would have broken bread with HIV-positive people?

The statement itself, on its face, is a stretch, but the intent is clear.

3 Knight November 5, 2010 at 10:01 pm

There is no doubt that Christ would have mercy on the HIV positive (which does not have to mean that they did something wrong to get that way.) He has mercy on all the different kinds of people. To single out a specific group has never made sense to me.

This strikes me as an attempt to shock the audience and get their attention in order to guilt them into behaving a certain way. To be honest I don’t think much of preachers who think they need to use guilt to motivate people. Simply preach the Word and allow the Spirit to do the convicting. That is His job.

HIV+ or not, homosexual or not, it makes no difference. All are lost without Christ and all are called to turn to Him in repentance and faith.

4 William Dicks November 6, 2010 at 11:37 am

Here in South Africa there are pastors everywhere! Especially in black dominated areas. Almost anyone can say that they are pastors and people will follow. It is a very unique culture. There are some of them that have good hearts and really love the Lord, but they are completely untrained and sometimes do more damage than good. Then there are others that are still enveloped by their liberation theology, which sees redemption as political deliverance.

Heretics abound, and it seems there is little that we can do to stop this, but pray!

5 Mark November 6, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Mike, I agree about this being a poor hermeneutical move. It’s pragmatic and seems to be person-centered rather than Christ-centered although the man may have good motives.

Golias Bauknecht, I have no doubt the Christ would have broken bread and ministered to HIV-positive people. Yet, to motivate Christians today to care for such people does not mean we have to say the Christ Himself was HIV-positive. It was just a weird approach in my eyes. Some may call it blasphemous.

Knight, amen.

William, Thanks for the info. It’s hard to know what is going on over there all the time. I know that even heretic TD Jakes visits parts of Africa to put on a conference.

6 M Burke November 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm

He became sin… for us. He might not have been HIV positive, but he took our sins as his on the cross. I see what the pastor is doing, don’t appreciate the method, but understand the intent.

7 Chris @ STD November 16, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Now a days there are many groups started againist jesus and bible, they are educating bible to illterated people in wrong way. I agree with Golias Bauknecht always Jesus has mercy to sick people.

8 Siphiwe Nhlapo July 13, 2012 at 5:12 am

Nhlapo @ God Can Ministries

Christ used parables to teach and like wise the Pastor used his trying to prove a point and i think it worked because if he did not use this title i might not have opened this. the massage of Christ is about bringing people closer to the cross and it it worked with the Pastor i dont see anything wrong


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