Rome and Evangelicalism: Cults with the Same Gospel?

On a recent program of Issues, Etc. that is worth listening to host Todd Wilkin said something very interesting. The show is from Tuesday, July 25 entitled “Audio Open Lines: The Journey Home Broadcast Featuring a Roman Catholic Convert from Lutheranism”.

Actually he said many true and interesting things. I want to quote one here and ask “What say you?”. He says this around 45 minutes so you can get the full context. This is in response to a caller’s question and Paul in Galatians.

If I am going to call Rome a cult then I am going to have to call a lot of evangelicalism a cult. And a fair number of decision theology baptists a cult cause it’s a different Gospel. It may shock you to hear this, but I think it’s the same different Gospel that Rome teaches.

Pastor Wilkin does go on to say that he cannot rightly call either of the above parties in question a cult. In saying that, do Rome and Evangelicalism have the same gospel?

What say you?

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1 Howard Fisher July 28, 2006 at 10:18 am

The fact that many Evangelicals are inconsistent in their view of the atonement, does not mean they can be equated with Rome’s view. For example, could Methodists really be equated with Roman Catholics?

Fundamentally however, their views of man and God may very well be the same. Therefore Evangelicals are certainly on the wide road to Rome.

2 Adam Cummings July 30, 2006 at 2:03 am

Hey… nice looking blog. Ill be back to read more later. See you, brother!

–Adam (TMC_Calvy in AOMIN)


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