Santa Claus was Never a Savior

Some Christians refuse to lie to their kids by telling them about Santa Claus. Other Christians do not see harm in teaching young children about Santa to put some fun into Christmas knowing they will some day reveal the jolly truth. Yet, there is a way to tell your kids about Santa Claus with all the fiction and fun without lying to them.

There are Christian parents that will not teach their kids about Santa Claus and all that comes with him. These parents worry that teaching their kids about Santa is actually lying to them in violation of Scripture. They are right, if you talk about Santa to your kids as if he is real, you are lying to them.

Of course, Santa comes with other issues such as assigning attributes to him that belong solely to God. For example, Santa is portrayed as omniscient since he knows when we are sleeping and when we are bad or good. Then, there is the issue of teaching kids to think solely in terms of being bad or good. This moral aspect, while not all together wanting, removes the need for grace and pushes for self-reliance. Santa, and eventually something else, becomes and idol built with a false hope that being good gives rewards in life.

On the other hand, there are Christian parents who say Santa Claus is just a fun American tradition. Their kids grow up enjoying all the songs, stories, and some of life’s moral lessons. It is all in good Christmas fun and eventually their kids will learn the truth. Once they learn the truth their kids will understand. No harm, no foul.

But Christian parents can tell the truth about Santa Claus and still participate in the fun American tradition.

All Christian parents have to do is explain the truth about Santa from the beginning. Teach children about Santa in light of teaching them about Jesus Christ. Teach them about Santa without violating Scripture. Ironically, Christmas can exist without Santa, but not without Jesus.

Santa Claus was never a Savior. The only Savior is Jesus so it should not difficult to teach children the truth about Santa. Teach them the truth, but still have fun. Tell them what American children are normally taught about the Santa myth. Take that myth and have fun with your kids each year by referencing Santa and the fun that goes with him.

Singing the Santa songs and joking with your kids about getting gifts based on them being good or bad will be great family fun. The Santa myth can be a great family joke each year while knowing the truth that Jesus is the only omniscient Savior who blesses people through His love and grace. Your kids will better understand that the true meaning of Christmas is the free, gracious gift from God – His Son, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!

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