Seven Years Ago Today My Life Changed

Seven years ago today on Burnside Island in Savannah, GA, I stood facing the window behind the pulpit at the front of a small church in Wesley Gardens. Through the window the famous Moon River could be seen still rippling from the end of the down pour.

I stood next to my my bride as we each finished saying “I do.” I kissed my bride; then, the pastor, James White, presented us for the first time as husband and wife. Then, Steve Camp, struck the piano keys and began singing Luther’s A Mighty Fortress Is Our God as we walked arm in arm down the aisle.

We stopped outside the church for pictures with family; eventually making our way to the reception to eat and greet.

The newly married couple walk to the wedding reception.

It is hard to believe that the above took place seven years ago today. Those years have been mostly good, but I am well aware of my own shortfalls. One of the reasons I wrote Husbands Test Your Wives! was to share ways in which I try to better lead my wife. I have also taken time to write a letter (her eyes only) about what it means to be a Christian husband from my perspective. Writing out what it means to be a Christian husband was difficult because it made me face my failures – my sin. Yet, the letter was necessary; better late than never.

Actually, in God’s timing my letter was not late, but right on time. I have tried carrying out the life of a Christian husband alone – without God. Practically impossible. God uses those unpleasant bumps on the marriage road to make me hit my head so I pay attention! The marriage road has been great – bumps and all.

Today, My wife and I are more secure together in the Lord today than we have ever been. My wife is amazing; second only to God’s grace. Then, again, I am biased like any Christian husband who loves his wife as Christ loved the church. Although, loving my wife like Christ loved the church is hard. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit daily empowers me to faithfully be as Christ to my wife with love, hope and joy.

Despite the difficulties of marriage, I would not trade the last seven years with my wife for anything. My life changed for the better that day when my bride and I became one.

Time flies whether you’re having fun or not. There is so much I could say. Most of it is for her ears only. Time does fly so cherish every moment of life together with your spouse. Meet each other at Christ’s cross daily.

Remember, you are one in God’s eyes.

A covenant before the Trinity we made,
On that wonderful day that we became one.
A glorious memory, indeed.
Joint heirs of grace before the Son.

I’ll desire you when old and grey.
I’ll work hard at dying for you, too.
You are the greatest gift God has given me.
And I will forever love you.

To my beautiful wife, my crown: Happy Anniversary!

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