Shai Linne Responds to Paula White Ministries

I recently wrote about Christian rapper, Shai Linne’s song in which he names false teachers in New Song Drops Names: “False Teachers” by Shai Linne. Some people asked Linne to explain why he considered those he named to be false teachers. I followed up with some examples of false teaches for each person Linne rapped about in Did Shai Linne Really Name “False” Teachers?

Then, something you don’t see everyday happened, Paula White Ministries responded to Linne’s accusations with an Open Letter to Shain Linne from Paula White Ministries. The challenge to Linne, brought by White’s son, Brad Knight, was a good thing because it opens the floor for dialogue.

Many have wondered, however, if Linne would respond giving reasons for his charge that Paula White is a false teacher.

Today, the following response was published at Wade-O Radio: Shai Linne Responds To Paula White Ministries’ Open Letter. Linne begins with three areas of appreciation he found in Knight’s letter. But then he moves to the heart of the issue.

…I don’t think your letter actually addresses the real issue. My song was not about you, your financial status, the genuineness of your faith, your mother’s prayers for you or the good things that Paula White Ministries does. The song was about the false doctrine that Paula White and others have publicly taught for many years and continue to teach.

Linne provides three areas with specific examples of White’s false teachings under the following three topics.

  1. False View of the Atonement
  2. False “Sow a Seed” Teaching
  3. Falsely Claiming to Speak For God

Click to read the whole thing…

Oh, and if you haven’t heard Shai Linne’s new album yet, check it out: Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology! I downloaded it a few days ago – good stuff!

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1 KB April 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

That was an awesome, amazing response. He could’ve went off, but he pointed out Scriptural reasoning to counter what she teaches, commended when necessary, and he spoke the truth in love.

That was a very good read, and a lesson on how we should respond to similar issues.

2 Brent Hobbs April 17, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Great song, great response to White’s son. Great opportunity for further dialogue if White and/or her son is willing to continue, thanks to Shai’s gracious but firm reply.


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