Should A Woman Be Vice-President?

There’s been some discussion from the conservative Christian perspective as to whether or not Sarah Palin should be able to be Vice-President due to the fact that she’s a woman.  I would just like to high-light some good posts addressing this subject.

Jason Robertson over at Fide-O writes about Work From Home Moms.

Christians who have sound theology have a high-view of the family. Thus the prospect of Sarah Palin becoming VP and possibly even the President of the United States has caused some Christians to ask if that is such a job a mother should want. It is a valid question.
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Al Mohler looks at An Unexpected New Motherhood Debate.

Well, I would be even more concerned now. Do I believe that a woman can serve well in the office of Vice President of the United States? Yes. As a matter of fact, I believe that a woman could serve well as President — and one day will. Portraits of significant men of history hang on the walls of my library –but so do portraits of Queen Elizabeth I of England and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Read the whole thing.

Steve Hays of Triablogue has several posts on Palin.  Below are two.

Commander-in-Chief, dealing with the question of military experience as a prerequisite.

As a practical matter, we can only vote for whoever chooses to run. What if a veteran doesn’t choose to run? Should we leave the presidency vacant, and thereby have no Commander-in-Chief unless and until a veteran chooses to run?
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Female magistrates, dealing with woman as civil magistrates.

In the context of Sarah Palin’s nomination to be McCain’s Veep, one objection I’ve run across in some conservative circles is that a woman shouldn’t be a civil magistrate. While the dominant culture would decry this objection as unbearably sexist, it raises a valid question which Bible-believing Christians must address.
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Ra McLaughlin at Reformed Answers deals with a question of Sacred and Secular Leadership.  This post isn’t specifically about Palin and I’m not sure when it was written.  It does, however, address the issue and with much detail.


I found your answers on Women in Authority and Women in Secular Leadership very helpful, but I have a question they did not answer. If God established a creation ordinance, a proper order in creation that the church is to obey (such that women are not to hold the office of elder), shouldn’t Christians apply that in every sphere of life?


If I understand you correctly, you are asking why we should have different standards in church than in the secular world. I think the root reason lies in the distinctions that God makes between things such as family, church and other areas of life.

Before the Fall, there was no distinction between family, church and the secular world. There were only two people, and they had been ordained to serve in a capacity in which their entire lives combined family, church and everything else. Adam and Eve were husband and wife (family), ordained to serve God (church) by tending the Garden (secular life). In their case, the categories were collapsed into one. Or to be more precise, there was only one category, and it had attributes that have now been distributed between multiple categories. Before the Fall, there was no secular world; all of life was religious and familial. This is the way the world should be, and it is the way the world will be when Jesus returns.    
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