Southern Baptists, Investing and Morality

The ChristianNewsWire has an interesting story Investments In and Profits from Abortion and Pornography Loom Large for Protestants/Catholics Alike that reveals investments in companies that are somehow involved in immorality.

The world’s two largest “ultra-conservative” denominations currently invest hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars in companies that profit from and/or promote what their own doctrines describe as two major sins – abortion and pornography.

As Southern Baptists, should we be concerned? Take a look at GuideStone’s portfolio holdings and sort through them if you wish. You will find companies like Johnson & Johnson that are named in the article. You will actually find several drug companies and even grocery stores like Kroger who sell beer and wine. Even Coca-Cola makes two Bacardi Mixers. These are products in which these companies aren’t merely associated with, but from which they make money directly.

I mention the word associated because in a 2005 talk at SBTS President Al Mohler said the following.

I can assure you of this: if you are associated with the use of beverage alcohol, I think I dare exaggerate not to say that 99% of all doors of ministry in the Southern Baptist Convention will be closed to you.

I understand this is Dr. Mohler’s personal opinion, but he’s not alone. So why the give a pass on the investments? Sure, it’s probably much tougher to discern the investment situation, however, a quick look finds grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies, online search engines and outlets, etc. These companies all have potential to directly profit from certain “sin” products. For example, have Google and Yahoo! blocked all undesirable sites from their searches? Is there anything on eBay or that can’t be bought?

To take it to the extreme should investments in US Treasury instruments even be allowed since the US Government allows abortions and even funds them as some have asserted?

So where is the outrage over these investments? Should Southern Baptists even be concerned?

I’m just sayin’…


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1 Rich Tuttle October 23, 2007 at 8:38 am

I’ve read that quote from Mohler before and it hits me in a funny way because depending on how you approach it and knowing nothing about the context it can be seen in two different lights.
First, it can be seen as a warning to students, encouraging them not to partake of alcohol. (which is the correct way to read it)
Second, it can be seen as if he is pointing out a glaring flaw in the way the SBC handles pastors whose conscience allows them to partake. While this second view is probably out of context it doesn’t negate its truth. In fact, because the intention of the statement was not necessaritly ponting out a flaw lends more credibility to the idea that, well, there is a glaring flaw.
And, of course, I use the term ‘flaw’ as a synonym for ‘giant-unbiblical-demand-placed-on-the-shoulders-of-those-whom-Christ-has-set-free.’


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