Sunday Considerations: But in the Cross

Then seeing Christ and his dear disciples have glorified God with their tribulations, let us also embrace them joyfully, saying with Saint Paul, God forbid that I should glory but in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. And let us work and behave ourselves in such sort that the world (to his own hurt) may know and see with his eyes the marvellous effects that God worketh in them that sincerely embrace the grace of the Gospel; let the man of the world (I say) see with how much tranquillity and quietness of mind the true Christians sustain the loss of goods, the death of their children, slanders, infirmities of the body, and the persecutions of the false Christians; let them see how these only do honour God in the spirit and truth, thankfully taking at the hand of him all that happeneth to them, counting for good, just, and holy, all that he doeth; and in all prosperity and adversity praising and thanking him as a most good and merciful Father, and knowledging it for a great gift of God to suffer, and specially for the gospel and following of Christ before all things, knowing that tribulation bringeth patience, patience bringeth experience, experience bringeth hope, and hope makes not ashamed.1


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