Sunday Considerations: Cannot Be Made Straight

“That which is crooked, cannot be made straight.” Ecclesiastes 1:15

Do what you may, crosses are crosses still. No are of man’s device can make the crooked, straight.

The train, or ship, which bears some dear friend away;

the quiet sea, after a night of shipwreck;

the rain that robs you of a holiday;

the broken pieces of some favorite vase —

all say the same, “The crooked must be crooked, do what you will.”

Oh, there is anguish in the thought, as disappointment, stealing over the mind, throws its dark shadows on the brow — that nothing can be done! The soul then muses on its sorrow, and thinks again, “Remedy there is none! Truly this is a grief — and I must bear it!” (Jeremiah 10:19.)

Philosophy is useless then.

Stoic patience brings no real comfort with it.

A smiling face, may hide a broken heart; and lips will speak of resignation, when the worm of blasted hopes is preying on the soul! Where, then, is comfort to be found? What, then, will make the bitter, sweet; or the crooked, straight?

Not the mere fact of looking at the Word; nor yet in owning that your trials come from God. (Ecclesiastes 7:18.) Cain owned as much as this — yet Cain was wretched still. (Genesis 4:13,14.) And, reader, you will be wretched in your trials, if you can do no more.

Nothing but the Cross of Christ, makes other crosses straight! Do you know Jesus Christ? By name you know Him, doubtless; but is He in your heart? Say, are your sins forgiven? Are you at peace with God? Does the Holy Spirit dwell in you? Does He instruct your soul? If not, then must your cross be crooked still. From my heart I pity you, my friend! Bitter to you — must still be bitter, with nothing to sweeten it. Full many a blast shall blow upon you — where then is your shelter? But, oh, your soul! your precious soul! What will it be? Where will it be hereafter!

But, child of God, you know what it is to have your crosses straightened. Often have you brought them to the cross of Christ, and even rejoiced to have a cross to bear. All things are precious, which bring you to the Cross. Tried by this rule, your bitter things are sweet, and your crooked things are straight.

Believer, are you downcast at your cross? Oh, look again! Don’t you see Jesus there? Can He not make it straight? Where, then, your patience? My friend, where, then, your faith?
~George Mylne, Excerpt from Devotional and Practical Meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes ,1859.

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