Sunday Considerations: End of All Love

The end of all love is the good or the happiness of its object, as that happiness is conceived of by its subject. The great end which Christian brotherly love contemplates, is the well-being of its object, viewed as a Christian man; his deliverance from ignorance, and error, and sin, in all their forms and all their degrees; his progressive, and ultimately his complete, happiness, in entire conformity to the mind and will of God; the unclouded sense of the Divine favor, the uninterrupted enjoyment of the Divine fellowship, the being like “the ever-blessed” Holy, Holy, Holy One. It does not overlook any of the interests of its object; but it views them all in reference, in subordination, to the enjoyment of ” the salvation that is in Christ, with eternal glory.”1


  1. JOHN BROWN. EXPOSITORY DISCOURSES ON THE FIRST EPISTLE OF THE APOSTLE PETER (Kindle Locations 15167-15172). Robert Carter & Brothers. Kindle Edition. 2011.

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