Sunday Considerations: Everybody that Celebrates Christmas

I wish everybody that celebrates Christmas this year, would keep it as the angels kept it. There are many persons who, when they talk about celebrating Christmas, mean by that, that they would never forget to go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, yet their way of celebrating the rest of the day is very remarkable; for it would be with gluttony and drunkenness. There are many who think Christmas cannot be celebrated, except with a lot of merriment and festivity in the house, and added to that the noisiness of sin. Now, my brethren, we being true followers of Christ, will not keep the day in any “religious” sense whatever, attaching nothing more to it than to any other day: believing that every day is a Christmas day in the sense that true believers continually celebrate the Incarnation of Christ; yet we must try to set an example for others, showing them how to behave on that day; and especially since the angels give glory to God: let us do the same.

Once more the angels said, “Peace to men,” therefore, let us strive if we can to make peace this coming Christmas day. Now, you parents who may have wayward children–you may not have welcomed them into your homes because they have offended you. Go after them this Christmas. “Peace on earth;” you know: that is a Christmas Carol. Make peace in your family. Now, brother, you have made a vow that you will never speak to your brother again. Go after him and say, “Oh, my dear friend, let us not let the sun go down on our anger.” Go after him and give him your hand of fellowship. Now, Mr. Tradesman, you have a rival in your trade, and you have said some very harsh words about him lately. If you don’t make the matter right today, or tomorrow, or as soon as you can, then do it for sure on Christmas day. That is the way to truly celebrate Christmas, peace on earth and glory to God. And oh, if you have anything on your conscience, anything that prevents you having peace of mind, then celebrate your Christmas in your closet, praying to God to give you peace; peace on earth, peace in yourself, peace with your fellow men, and peace with your God. And don’t think you have properly celebrated that day until you can say,

“O God, With the world, myself, and You
I dare not sleep till peace is made through and through.”1

  1. Charles Spurgeon. Excerpt from the sermon “The First Christmas Carol.” December 20, 1857.
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