Sunday Considerations: Forsaken by Man

Consider Jesus– as Forsaken by Man

Then all the disciples forsook Him, and fled.” –Matt. 26:56

What a sad contrast does this picture present to the one we have just been viewing–“Jesus, our fellow-sufferer.” His time of suffering has now come, but, lo! “all His disciples have forsaken Him, and fled.” Is there nothing, my soul, in this affecting and significant fact from which you may gather much that is instructive and consolatory concerning your own condition? We have been contemplating the sympathy of Jesus with His afflicted saints. And oh, what heart can conceive, or imagery portray, the reality, humanity, and tenderness of that sympathy! In all our afflictions He is afflicted, in all our trials He is tried, in all our persecutions He is persecuted, in all our temptations He is tempted. My soul! there is no sympathy among men, saints, or angels, that can compare with Christ’s. And yet how thankful should you be for the smallest measure of human sympathy given you. It may have been, and doubtless was, but as a drop in comparison of the ocean-fullness of Christ’s; nevertheless, that drop has proved inexpressibly and immeasurably soothing, sweetening many a bitter trial, gilding many a cloud, and lighting the pressure of many a burden. For this uplift your praiseful heart to God.1


  1. Octavius Winslow. CONSIDER JESUS: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Service, and Suffering (Kindle Locations 486-496). Monergism Books.
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1 M Burke January 28, 2012 at 4:35 pm

I am reminded of Hebrews 3 wherein we told to consider Christ, a far better apostle and guide over God’s house than the old covenant could provide.

2 Steve Martin January 31, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Some things never change.

“The true light came into the world but men (we) love the darkness, rather than the light.”

Thanks be to God that is not offputting to Him. And that He is still after us.


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