Sunday Considerations: Glorious Resurrection

Previously, I shared some pre-Christian Good Friday thoughts. My aim was to encourage people this Easter weekend to consider the sins – their sins – that put Jesus on the cross.  For further consideration this Easter, below are some insights from Charles Spurgeon on Jesus’ resurrection.

His resurrection is glorious in its effects. He was “delivered for our offenses,” but, “He was raised again for our justification.” In death He discharged our debt. In Resurrection He exhibited the receipt of all our liabilities! He was Surety for us and, therefore, He smarted and went down to the prison of the grave. But by death He discharged His Suretyship and was set free! Our Lord has risen and, therefore, we shall rise in the day of His appearing. The Breaker leads the way and behind the mighty champion the whole company of His redeemed pass through the portals of the tomb in the power of His Resurrection. The stone is rolled away for them as well as for Him. They cannot be held by the bonds of death, for He could not be detained a captive. What a glory there is in our Lord’s Resurrection, when we further remember that He always lives to make intercession for us and, therefore, He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him! The fullness of salvation comes to us because He has risen from the dead and is now making intercession for the transgressors! O Brothers and Sisters, the Resurrection of Jesus is bright as the sun with glory! Faith in it thrills our hearts. Well might each line of our hymn end with a Hallelujah! When we say, one to another, “The Lord is risen, indeed,” we feel like singing all the time, for now our faith is not vain, we are not in our sins and those who have fallen asleep have not perished!


We shall with these eyes behold our Lord when He shall stand in the latter day upon the earth! O glorious Resurrection, which has turned our poison into medicine! O miracle of Love, which has made death to be the gate of life! When you were singing the Easter hymn just now, it seemed to me as if we filled the whole earth with silver bells. And when you came to the last verse, you were so fully getting into the music of the Truth of God, that I had half a mind to cry, “Let us begin again!” In the rising of Jesus, death itself is shut up in prison, and ten thousand Hallelujahs come flying down from Heaven to teach us how to sing—

“Vain the watch, the stone, the seal!
Christ has burst the gates of Hell.
Death in vain forbids Him rise,
Christ has opened Paradise.”1

  1. Charles Spurgeon. Sermon excerpt from “Christ’s Resurrection and Our Newness of Life.” 1891.

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