Sunday Considerations: He is My Father

They are God’s “SONS.”

I know no higher and more comfortable word that could have been chosen. To be servants of God, to be subjects, soldiers, disciples, friends–all these are excellent titles; but to be the “sons” of God is a step higher still. What does the Scripture say? “The servant abides not in the house forever–but the Son abides ever.” (John 8:35.)

To be son of the rich and noble in this world, to be son of the princes and kings of the earth–this is commonly reckoned a great advantage and privilege. But to be a son of the King of kings, and Lord of lords, to be a son of the High and Holy One, who inhabits eternity–this is something far higher. And yet this is the portion of every true Christian.

The son of an earthly parent looks naturally to his father for affection, maintenance, provision, and education. There is a home always open to him. There is a love which, generally speaking, no bad conduct can completely extinguish. All these are things belonging even to the sonship of this world. Think then how great is the privilege of that poor sinner who can say of God, “He is my Father.”1

  1. J.C. Ryle. Heirs of God! 1878.
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