Sunday Considerations: Hidden Treasure

When you read the Word, look on it as a soul-enriching treasury. Search it as for hidden treasure! Proverbs 2:4. In this Word are scattered many divine sayings; gather them up as so many jewels. This blessed book will enrich you; it fills your head with divine knowledge, and your heart with divine grace; it stores you with promises: a man may be rich in bonds. In this field the pearl of price is hidden! What are all the world’s riches compared to these? Islands of spices, coasts of pearl, rocks of diamonds? These are but the riches that reprobates may have—but the Word gives us those riches which angels have!

Read the Word as a book of evidences. How carefully does one read over his evidences! Would you know whether God is your God? search the records of Scripture, 1 John iii. 24. “Hereby we know that he abides in us.” Would you know whether you are heirs of the promise? you must find it in these sacred writings. 2 Thes. ii. 13. “He has chosen us to salvation through sanctification.” Those who are vessels of grace—shall be vessels of glory!1


  1. Watson, Thomas. The Christian Soldier, 1669.

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