Sunday Considerations: In Prayer

In prayer God and the soul meet, and hold communion together; then the curtain of heaven is drawn aside, that I may look in, and see my large possessions. Then do I get a glance of the King in his beauty, and a glimpse of the excellences of the life above—so that I am filled with wonder, and desire to depart, and to be with Jesus! This is the well at which I drink the heavenly water, and am refreshed and strengthened for my journey.

“Lord, while allowed to come into your presence with boldness, let secret sin, (ah! what avails it that the world does not know?) never cause a secret shame before you.” Meantime, may I know in whom I believe, to whom I reveal my cause, and utter my petitions, and rejoice because the day is approaching when I shall not need to ask anything, because possessed of all. O eternal triumph! when my prayers shall be turned into praise; my petitions into acclamations of joy; mourning, sighs and groans—into hosannas and endless hallelujahs; when beams of glory shall enlarge my ravished powers of mind—and sacred bounty overflow my enraptured soul forever!1

  1. James Meikle (1730-1799). “Prayer and Praise” in Solitude Sweetened.

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