Sunday Considerations: Prepared for the Lord

In the excerpt below, Spurgeon is preaching on the past phrase of Luke 1:17 (ESV) “To make ready for the Lord a people prepared.”  During this Christmas season as non-Christians are invited to and attend various Christmas services, these words are a great reminder that sinners bring nothing to Christ for salvation. Just as the birth of Jesus was a work of God so is the re-birth of the lost soul.

The fact is, dear friends, that to get men to come to Jesus just as they are, is not an easy thing. To get them to give up the idea of preparing, to get them prepared to come without preparing, to get them ready to come just as they are, this is the hardest part of our work, this is our greatest difficulty. If we came and preached to men the necessity of preparation through so many weeks of fasting during a long Lent, or through so many days of scourging and penitence, they would attend to us at once, for they would be willing enough to make any preparation of that kind; but, when we say to them, “Come just as you are now, with nothing in your hand to buy the mercy of God, with nothing wherewith to demand or to deserve it,” men want a great deal of preparing before they will come to that point. Only the grace of God, working mightily through the Word, by the Spirit, will prepare men to come to Christ thus, prepared by being unprepared so far as any fitness of their own is concerned. The only fit state in which they can come is that of sinking themselves, abandoning all idea of helping Christ, and coming in all their natural impotence and guilt, and taking Christ to be their all in all.1


  1. Spurgeon, Charles. A People Prepared for the Lord. March 17th, 1895.

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