Sunday Considerations: Rest

Man, without God, is like the mariner in the story, condemned to sail on forever and never to find a haven. He is the
real wandering Jew, immortal in his restlessness. Like the evil spirit, man by nature walks through dry places, seeking rest and finding none. Of our race, by nature, it might almost be said as of our Redeemer, varying but a little His words, “Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the soul of man has not where to lay its head.” I speak to many this morning to whom this has been exceedingly true from their childhood onward. They have been vainly hoping for enduring contentment and striving after solid satisfaction. Piloted first in one direction and soon in the opposite, they have compassed the whole world and investigated all pursuits, but as yet in vain.
I thank God that I am not the pilot of my own destiny, called to peer anxiously into the storm and murky darkness
and to thread with awful fear the narrow channel between rocks and quicksand! I have taken a Pilot on board whose
infallible wisdom forbids any error! Let my soul go sweetly to her rest in full assurance that all is ordered rightly where God commands all things. But has not the Christian his troubles and temptations? Is he not sometimes vexed with bodily pain? Does he not resort to the grave with many tears over departed ones? Has he not a checkered life like others? Ah, yes, he has no exemption from the war of sorrow! But he knows that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose! He sees no Divine anger in his losses and fears no wrath from God in his chastisements.
I know that some of you are complaining of what you do or do not feel—but this is not to the point. My message, as
contained in the text, proclaims no blessing on feeling, but on BELIEVING! Oh, can you not trust the Son of God to
save you? Can you not believe the promise which is so freely given to all who will but trust in Him? Have done, I pray
you, with raking the kennel of your heart in search of golden consolations! Go to Christ—you shall get all your soul
needs, in Him. Oh, it may be you are saying, “I have not the rest I used to have. I will read the Bible more and I will pray more and I will go to a place of worship more often,” and so on. All which is right, but none of these things will bring you rest! Rest for a soul is found in Jesus! The dove never found rest till she came to the ark—nor will you till you come back to Christ!1

  1. Charles Spurgeon. Excerpt from the sermon “Rest”. April 18, 1869
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1 Pat December 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Wonderful post and such a needed word for the world today.With so much turmoil in our world you’d think people would be running to Jesus. But they will soon God allows what he wills,and he does not have to explain to anyone why? God has only begun to shake things up,He has just begun. Get in God’s word and pray,Matthew 24 and many other scriptures are being fulfilled every day. Thanks for sharing and do have a good evening. 🙂

2 Mark December 17, 2012 at 8:32 am

Thank you, Pat.


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