Sunday Considerations: Rule of Peace

Nevertheless, we should mark well the lesson that one phase of Christian growth should be this – the spirit entering into more and more loving peace. If the peace of Christ is ruling at all in our hearts it should rule a little more fully today than yesterday, and tomorrow than it does today. We should be growing continually in al that belongs to peace. Worry is not only a sin – it is also one of the most disfiguring of the vices. It mars and spoils the beauty of a life. Discouragement is a sin, and discouragement hurts a life immeasurably. If we have the peace of Christ ruling in our hearts we will be getting farther and farther away from worry every day. Peace sweetens the life, sweetens the disposition. It puts a stop to discontent, to complaining; it makes a man patient with others, gentle to all, humble and lowly in his thought of himself. Then what does worrying ever accomplish? Does it make the way sweeter, the burden lighter?

“I’ve learned as days have passed me,
Fretting never lifts the load;
And that worry, much or little,
Never smoothes an irksome road;
For you know that somehow, always,
Doors are opened, ways are made;
When we work and live in patience
Under all the cross that’s laid.

“He who waters meadow lilies
With the dew from out the sky;
He who feeds the flitting sparrows,
When in need for food they cry,
Never fails to help his children
In all things, both great and small;
For his ear is ever open
To our faintest far off call.”1

  1. J.R. Miller. “Rule of Peace.” In The Best Things In Life, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1907.

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1 amyhageruphealthtips September 23, 2012 at 10:05 pm

I love that picture of how peace should truly be growing in our lives every day. So true – I’ve just never heard it put that way before. Thanks.


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