Sunday Considerations: Satan’s Subtle Devices

My fellow Christians, as you prepare for Sunday worship, consider the following words from William Tiptaft (1803 – 1864) on Satan’s subtle devices in light of your love for Jesus Christ.

Satan is a very subtle enemy, and never spreads his snare in your sight. I hope you will not be induced to value any knowledge which does not cause you to love Christ more, and to live more decidedly as a member of His kingdom.

Satan does not care how much knowledge you have in your head, so long as he can keep possession of the citadel of your heart. Consequently, he will change his position a thousand times, before he will surrender his hold. But God’s grace must and will dethrone him, and set up the kingdom of Christ in your heart, so that you will serve a new Master, and for very different wages.

All that Satan can tempt us with, are perishable things of time, that will soon vanish away. But though we profess to despise the riches and honors of this life, none but those who are taught of God will view them in their proper light.

Satan is the god of this world, and he blinds the minds of those who do not believe. If one device will not succeed, he will try another; and every unregenerate man will be led captive by him, in some way or other.

Many may think they have outwitted him by a knowledge of doctrinal truths in the head, while their heart is devoid of grace. I feel this is Satan’s most subtle device.

It matters little what a man knows, if Christ is not the pearl of great price to him.

Is Jesus Christ precious to you?

Do you love Him so that you would die for Him?

Do you count all you lose for His sake gain?

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