Sunday Considerations: True Love

Love is an affection of the soul, not a contract: it cannot rise from a mere agreement, nor is it so to be gained. It is spontaneous in its origin and impulse; and true love is its own satisfaction.

It has its reward; but that reward is the object beloved. For whatever you seem to love, if it is on account of something else, what you do really love is that something else, not the apparent object of desire. St Paul did not preach the Gospel that he might earn his bread; he ate that he might be strengthened for his ministry. What he loved was not bread, but the Gospel.

True love does not demand a reward, but it deserves one. Surely no one offers to pay for love; yet some recompense is due to one who loves, and if his love endures he will doubtless receive it.

On a lower plane of action, it is the reluctant, not the eager, whom we urge by promises of reward. Who would think of paying a man to do what he was yearning to do already? For instance no one would hire a hungry man to eat, or a thirsty man to drink, or a mother to nurse her own child. Who would think of bribing a farmer to dress his own vineyard, or to dig about his orchard, or to rebuild his house? So, all the more, one who loves God truly asks no other recompense than God Himself; for if he should demand anything else it would be the prize that he loved and not God.1

  1. Bernard of Clairvaux (2010-08-12). On Loving God (Kindle Locations 281-292). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
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1 Vernita S. December 13, 2015 at 1:08 pm

Well said. And I agree wholeheartedly that true love does not demand a reward….yet some recompense is due to the one who loves….Just as Jesus lives us unconditionally, we can learn much from His example.

True Love is not demanding nor is insecure. And yet, due to one’s own insecurities, it can lead to such selfish demands which can be overbearing. Once you realize the essence of love, you value the object of your love and is able to give and show appreciation for such.

2 Msomi July 6, 2016 at 1:48 am

The description of love here is amazing. Thanks for the insight.


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