Sunday Considerations: What is Christmas? A Spoken Word

[Note: I wrote the poem below in the spirit of spoken word poetry.]

What is Christmas?

“What Child is This?” we sing,
He is the One who is to be King.

It’s the time of year to celebrate His birth,
Which began His life of eternal worth.

This baby Jesus was born to die,
And we sinners might ask, “Why?”

Why would God send His Son to save us,
From the sin in which we ourselves enslaved us?

A gift so great that the world can’t fathom,
Compared to Santa’s gifts, you can have them!

The true meaning of Christmas is not about gift earning,
But bringing the Savior to rescue us from eternal burning.

Do you think of your sin and feel robbed of joy?
Then repent and believe in this baby boy.

But that baby boy is a grown Man,
He died and rose from the dead and has the world in His hand.

To truly enjoy Christmas just embrace the Savior,
Jesus Christ the Lord who gives unmerited favor.

Sing “Joy to the World” through all your spiritual strife,
If you have believed in the Lord who gives new life.

Wishing you all a very, merry Christmas Day,
For it’s about the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the only way!

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1 4real4real December 15, 2015 at 2:08 pm

love this poem


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