National Protest Planned Parenthood Day Marietta, GA with Dr. Alveda King

On the morning of August 22, 2015, my wife and I attended the National Protest Planned Parenthood Day in Marietta, GA. We had a mixture of around 600-700 people. I jumped on Periscope and recorded live video on the scene and captured Dr. Alveda King  speaking. Dr. King spoke against abortion and in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. A couple of pro-Planned Parenthood folks slipped in with their signs behind King while she was speaking. This gave King a chance to address those folks, share her story about her two abortions, and set the record straight about her uncle, Martin …keep reading »

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Another Planned Parenthood Undercover Video

Planned Parenthood has been caught on video in another undercover sting. If you thought past undercover videos were bad, this time the Senior Director of Medical Services for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has been caught selling body parts of aborted babies. Dr. Russell Moore, president of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, weighed in on the video. Sadly, some have reported his article “Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of Corpse-Selling” to Facebook as abusive thereby blocking the link. Dr. Moore writes: I must admit I was speechless for close to an hour. I saw a video …keep reading »


Free Sanctity of Human Life Bible Studies

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated the third Sunday in January as the National Sanctity of Human Life Day. This designation continued with the presidents who followed Reagan. The third Sunday of January is upon us and LifeWay Christian Resources would like to help us think biblically about the sanctity of human life. The sanctity of life is something we should think about everyday. In fact, everyone thinks about the sanctity of their own lives everyday without realizing it. Each of us subconsciously act in ways of self-preservation because our lives are important to us. Self-preservation actions include visiting the doctor …keep reading »


Praying to the Abortion God

When the battle over the separation of church and state rears its ugly head, it is normally Democrats who are attempting to keep the church  from participating in state issues. At times, the fight is to remove prayer from political gatherings. Given the types of prayers recently promoted by some Democrats in Iowa, it is easy to understand why some want the church separated from the state. Why? Seems some Democrats and pro-abortion activists have their own god to pray to! The prayers in the video may not be clear enough to understand. Let me help. (HT: Robert Laurie) “We …keep reading »


Instant Tweet Resources to End the Gosnell Media Blackout!

Why was I invited to the Facebook event Break the Gosnell Media Blackout – TweetFest Public? First, the event page provides the following background on Gosnell. Kermit Gosnell is currently standing trial on 7 counts of first degree murder for killing newborn babies delivered during abortions. Gosnell has also been charged with one count of third degree murder for the overdose death of his abortion patient, Karnamaya Mongar. If convicted, Gosnell could face the death penalty. The problem is the main stream media seems to be avoiding the case. So, let’s get #Gosnell trending on twitter. I’ve taken the suggested …keep reading »


Should Males Make Decisions on Abortion?

There is a pro-choice abortion argument that states men should not make decisions or laws on abortion since they are male. Since only females are anatomically designed to carry and give birth to a child they are the only ones who may have a valid say on abortion. Pregnancy and abortion will never physically affect a man the way it they do a woman so men should be silent. There are several angles in which to frame this argument. Some, like recently retired libertarian radio talk show host Neal Boortz, even blamed President Obama’s recent victory on the position taken …keep reading »


Is Abortion the Answer for Unwanted Children?

Sometimes a pro-abortion argument is made that it is best not to bring unwanted children into the world. That argument is actually a case for contraception not abortion. First, abortion is not contraception. Contraception is something done to prevent conception or pregnancy. By the time a woman is pregnant it is too late to use contraception because a baby has all ready been conceived. So contraception is one way, as long as it does not fail, to prevent bringing an unwanted child into the world. The best prevention is abstinence. Now, to the question at hand. Is abortion the answer …keep reading »

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Video: Mitt Romney Speaking Passionately About Mormonism

Jan Mikelson of WHO-Iowa discusses Mormonism with Mitt Romney. Mikelson challenges Romney’s Mormon faithfulness. Mormon eschatology and values are discussed including views on abortion. Romney is tired of defending and talking about Mormonism because he “is not running as a Mormon.” (HT: Chad Miller)


I was Almost Born this Way

It was a nice warm day like most days. I’m not sure if the sun was out or not. I have not actually experienced the warm glow of the sun – yet. I looked forward to it though. I heard so many things from the outside. I could only guess what they were. I looked forward to them all. Oh, I yearned to experience a life filled with love. I just knew that life was coming soon with the way you cared for me and fed me. I was so warm and comfortable all the time on the inside. I …keep reading »

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Illustrated: 5 Reasons a Baby is Not Part of a Woman’s Body

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Pray for Late Term Abortion Day

Kelly Clinger at LifeSiteNews shares a heart-breaking story about a woman who aborted her twins when she was about 20-weeks pregnant.1 Clinger reports that the abortion took place on a Wednesday – late term abortion day – at Orlando Women’s Center. The only mother’s warmth those twins had known was taken away from them by their mother. The woman also has daughters who will never know their twin siblings. How will her daughters react to the abortion? What will mom tell them? What do mom’s actions teach the daughters? Admittedly, the mother does not want her daughters. Those poor daughters, …keep reading »


Three Times in Modern History the Word “Person” Has Been Redefined


Brief thoughts: Abortion and Reproductive Rights

The pro-abortion, pro-choice crowd argues that abortion is a reproductive right. However, there is a problem with this line of reasoning. In order to have an abortion, reproduction must have already taken place i.e. a human life must exist in order to abort it. A right to reproduce, or have offspring, is not the same as a right to abort, or terminate the life of said offspring. In actuality, abortion is a counter-reproductive action since it kills a human being that is already living. It is possible that babies in the womb would like the same reproductive rights that others …keep reading »


Wisdom of Solomon, Obama and Abortion

Obama and Solomon1 There has been much past discussion about Obama concerning his stance on abortion.  This discussion is not going to end anytime soon and rightly so.  I’ve made the point and so have two other bloggers recently that as Christians we must pray that Obama seeks God’s direction and changes his position on abortion.  The wisdom Obama has shown thus far is what he said at a Planned Parenthood event earlier this year. “The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act” (source) I don’t see any wisdom in that statement.  For more …keep reading »


Gospel Then Morality: Lesson From Abortion Counseling

What can Christians learn about the Gospel and change from abortion counseling? I recently attended a fundraiser for Cobb Pregnancy Services (CPS). It was a great night of fellowship and celebration of what God is doing at this organization. A young pregnant lady gave her testimony of how God used CPS to convince her to return to Christ and keep her baby. Great news, but she


Dear President Obama – No!

Amen! Spread the word. The world needs to watch.


Obama, Abortion and Pay Grades

Christianity Today’s morning article Obama says abortion comment at megachurch forum too flip has some interesting quotes from Obama speaking about his answer to when a baby gets human rights at the Saddleback Forum.  Remember, Obama first said that this question was “above my pay grade.”  One immediate problem with that is many people are voting either for or against him based on this very issue.  And it is clear that he also has an opinion on the issue based on his voting record and his own words.  If he really thought it were above his pay grade he would …keep reading »

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