Imitating Church: Atheists Engage in the Sincerest Form of Flattery

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” wrote Charles Colton in 1824. Today, Colton’s words are possibly being lived out in the most ironic fashion – Atheist ‘mega-churches’ take root across US, world reports Gillian Flaccus in the AP. The AP reports that “several hundred people” attended or, more specifically, USA Today‘s version of the story states “more than 400 attendees.” The problem is that 400 people does is not enough to meet the definition of a megachurch. The numbers to qualify as a megachurch is attendance between 1,600 to 2,000 plus. But it is a catchy headline. Not A Church Next, the biblical definition …keep reading »


6 Questions for Atheists, Unbelievers, and the Unchurched

Below are questions that were part of one of my assignments. I thought the questions very interesting as were the answers I got in reply. The answers I got were from a face-to-face meeting, but I thought it interesting to get some online answers. The exercise involves simply getting answers and not arguing or debating the answers. I hope to get some online feedback on these questions. One atheist answered me and his answers are below the following questions. 6 Questions 1.a. If you believe in God, what is God like?  Describe God. 1.b. If you don’t believe in God, …keep reading »


Kicking Off the Atheist

The clip below shows atheist Dan Barker of the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Follow the Money” with host Eric Bolling. First, Barker made some unfavorable comments about Christianity. Then, Bolling stopped the conversation and kicked Barker off the show for “denigrating the name of Jesus Christ.” Would you have kicked Barker off the show? Why or why not?


Atheist Hopes for Brokeback Mountain Moment

Steve Walsh on the CNN religion blogs reports that New atheist movie ‘The Ledge’ evangelizes godlessness. The film is written and directed by outspoken atheist Matthew Chapman. Apparently, Chapman wants to make an an atheist character into a Hollywood hero with a Christian being the bad guy. Chapman is pushing for a form of atheist evangelism or at the very least a wider acceptance of atheism. “My hope was to make an emotional appeal,” says. He hopes it’s a “Brokeback Mountain” moment for nonbelievers. Chapman believes that a successful film with an atheist hero will influence people to more readily accept …keep reading »


Atheist Christopher Hitchens Debates Christian Brother

Hitchens brothers debate if civilization can survive without God Editor’s Note: CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor Eric Marrapodi files this report from Washington, DC. Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens squared off Tuesday in a debate over whether civilization can survive without God. Christopher, the older of the two, is a renowned atheist thinker and author. Peter, the lesser known of the two, is a practicing Christian and also a well-regarded author. Christopher Hitchens is going through a very public battle with cancer, a subject that came up often during the debate. Michael Cromartie from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, moderated …keep reading »


May Christians Vote Using Religious Principles?

An interesting conversation has been taking place in one of the comment threads. The back and forth is between an atheist and a Christian. Another atheist recently stopped by to comment. His name is Quinlan and he made some assertions to the Christian, Howard, in that thread. Quinlan objected to Howard using “religious principles” from which to base his position on abortion and homosexuality.  It’s as if a Christian is suppose to cease being a Christian outside of their home and worship service. Or at least in the realm of politics. These types of charges are nothing new to Christians. …keep reading »


Hell, Are You Offended?

Last week I mentioned that Christianity Gives Atheism Life. Some atheists have gained much by their push against a God they don’t believe exists. In a similar vein, some people who don’t believe in hell are offended when others believe they are headed that way. Why?

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Christianity Gives Atheism Life

hristianity sure gives many atheists something to live for. This can be seen by the way many atheists argue, debate, write, sue, form societies and organizations, etc. all to fight against God. But it is God that drives these actions! Some atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have become famous for their beliefs. Yet they continue to rail against Christianity. It is ironic that they continue to gain meaning and motivation in life both from and for the very Being they deny exists. In the pride of his face the wicked does not seek him; all his thoughts …keep reading »