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10 Reasons You Might Be A Watchblogger If

10 Reasons you might be a Watchblogger if… 10. You constantly Google yourself. 9. You Google your spouse’s name to try and win an argument. 8. Family devotions consist of reading your kids your recent blog posts so they can meditate on “truth.” 7. Your two-week vacation consists of taking your laptop to Starbucks to keep your blog going. 6. You have HRESY HUNTR tattooed across your knuckles, in temporary ink, of course. 5. You are glad James, in chapter one, didn’t mention “blogging” when he wrote, “quick to listen, slow to speak.” 4. You have a separate cell phone …keep reading »


Vote To Beat The Pyromaniacs!

Vote for my blog here! A friend of mine, we’ll call him Frank, has asked for votes for the Best Religion Blog, 2008 for the PyroManiacs blog. Can I get more votes than the PyroManiacs?  YES!  Is the probability very high that I do?  NO!  It could be fun though if enough people play. I did think about something though since this is an election year.  I wonder if there are enough friends and foes out there of PyroManiacs to get votes.  What I mean is that we so often hear that people vote just as much for one candidate …keep reading »