Christian need

A Calvinist Helping Missions?

Dear Readers, I still need your help in being sponsored and this is the last week! This Friday, November 21st, I will be joining 30 other men to help raise money for the Sandy Springs Mission in Atlanta, GA.  I found out last week that this mission will most likely run out of money in March 2009. What this mission does Sandy Springs Mission ministers to children in our community by: after-school programs (designed to help increase the literacy rate among low-income families) helping these young people learn to – read – write – communicate effectively (to help them thrive …keep reading »


Prayer and Donations Needed!

It wasn’t too long ago that a young pastor of a small church needed a vehicle for his family.  Word of this need spread through the blogs.  Several of us gave what we could and it added up in a short time.  Go read about what happened and then come back here to read the rest of this post. Well, I discovered a very important need in the body of Christ due to a linking to my fundraising auction (see HT below).  This is an immediate and ongoing need.  Josh Rittenhouse’s mother, Carol, has cancer.  Treatment for her is very …keep reading »