Christmas tree

How About a CROSSmas Tree for Christmas?

How about putting up a CROSSmas Tree for Christmas instead of a Christmas tree? A what? A CROSSmas Tree! You know, the tree that stands 6 ft. tall x 4.5 ft. wide that’s shaped like a cross? The tree Darren Howard created to bring attention and remembrance back to the whole purpose of Christmas – to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior. Watch Darren tell his story in the video below. Learn more about the CROSSmas Tree and how to get one at Also, check out the CROSSmas Tree Kickstarter page to help fund this project. Spread the …keep reading »

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Ethics: Christmas Tree Vs. Fellowship

What would you do Wednesday! The following scenario takes place during the first week of December which means Christmas is around the corner. A friend called a wanted to come over to discuss Christmas trees. While reading about Christmas trees online, as a Christian, he became uncomfortable with them. A week later he stops by your house. Since you last talked he has come to the clear conviction that Christmas trees have some sort of pagan origins; therefore Christians should not put them up to celebrate the birth of Jesus. On your living room floor he notices a box packed …keep reading »