What Was Awesome About Your Weekend?

It was a normal Monday. A co-worker asked about my weekend though it could have been a friendly acquaintance, office neighbor, etc. Before I could get a word out my co-worker unloaded telling me about the “best movie of year” – Star Trek Into Darkness. There never seems a shortage of new movies being released and Star Trek would have been among my top three guesses. But Star Trek was his number one. He was excited to tell me about it. He talked faster than the Micro Machines Man. I felt like I watched all two hours of the movie in 10 …keep reading »

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Church attendance and the Super Bowl: two questions

Every year during the Super Bowl the question of church attendance arises. Should a person skip church for the Super Bowl? If he/she skips their regular Sunday evening church service are they sinning? There seem to be two main positions on this. Those who are more sabbatarian minded fall along the lines of a person is sinning if they skip their church service for the Super Bowl. Those who skip church service may be charged with antinomianism. Corporate worship is a Christian duty