Clifton Corners

More Photos of Alabama Tornado Damage

I recently posted about an area in Alabama that did not get much media coverage and is in need of help. (See: Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims) The folks mention in that post can still use your help. I’m thankful and encouraged by the responses to help so far. I’ve been sent some more pictures from the same area which are shared below.


Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims

The recent tornadoes that ripped through Alabama left several devastated victims. Unfortunately, over 200 of those victims died and most of the survivors are now rebuilding their lives. As far as I know many of the tornado hit areas received national or regional news coverage. I am writing today about an area that did not receive much news coverage. There is an area in Alabama named Clifton Corners which is around the Fort Payne and Rainsville areas. The above picture was taken minutes before Clifton Corners was hit. As I understand it the area got some local news coverage, but …keep reading »