Clyde T. Francisco Preaching Award

Chapel Sermon by Aubrey Sequeira, Clyde T. Francisco Preaching Award Winner

Aubrey Sequeira won the 2013 Clyde T. Francisco Preaching Award at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Baptist Press covered his story – Indian student wins SBTS preaching award. Sequeira preached the final chapel message at SBTS with his sermon entitled, “Following in the Footsteps of a foot-washing King – John 13:1-17.” Russell Moore is quoted in the Baptist Press article about the sermon: The best preachers in the world have preached in SBTS chapel. But I have never heard such a Gospel-powerful sermon as Aubrey Sequeira today. Watch Sequeira preach the final chapel sermon below. Congratulations to brother Aubrey Sequeira! …keep reading »

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