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What Was Awesome About Your Weekend?

It was a normal Monday. A co-worker asked about my weekend though it could have been a friendly acquaintance, office neighbor, etc. Before I could get a word out my co-worker unloaded telling me about the “best movie of year” – Star Trek Into Darkness. There never seems a shortage of new movies being released and Star Trek would have been among my top three guesses. But Star Trek was his number one. He was excited to tell me about it. He talked faster than the Micro Machines Man. I felt like I watched all two hours of the movie in 10 …keep reading »

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How often church attendance?

In a recent post I asked two questions in relation to the Super Bowl and church attendance. The comment thread turned into a debate over Sabbatarianism and the place of the Lord’s Day in the Christian’s life. This is understandable to a point, yet I did receive some off-line comments which would have added to the discussion. While I did not argue for either, one point stood out and brought some other questions on church attendance to mind. The term legalism came up in the above post though not as a direct charge. However, I’ve seen it argued that those …keep reading »


A New Trend In Corporate Worship?

Just as some have tried to Christianize secular songs see what happens if the corporate world tried to secularize Christian songs. Seeker-centered for corporations. Wait, that’s just called marketing, right? Tim Hawkins is a funny guy! It’s definitely worth a laugh… Mark