dave ramsey

An Economic Fix by Dave Ramsey

In the recent days of Congressional cat fights and talk of a $700 billion Congressional bailout Dave Ramsey has offered a solution.  Ramsey calls it The Common Sense Fix.  Dave Ramsey is certainly a common sense kind of guy.  I got to meet him, volunteer for him and have dinner with a few of his staff.  Great folks all.  The common sense Dave you see and hear on TV and radio is the same guy I met and learned about via his employees.  Now, onto Ramsey’s Fix which seems to be a sensible approach to this whole economic ordeal. This …keep reading »


Volunteering for Dave Ramsey

I spent this Saturday from 9am to 8pm (7-8 was dinner) volunteering for a Dave Ramsey Live event at First Baptist Woodstock.  My wife and I donated our time for this event. It was long and tiring, but more than that it was fun and rewarding. We arrived, signed in and changed into our cool, free “I See Debt People” t-shirts.  Then we went to an introduction presentation and onto more specific training.  But not before Dave himself walked in and said a few words to us.  You’d be surprised how relaxed and serene Dave is before his presentation. Then, as we …keep reading »