When Christians Disagree

I took a short time-out to read Francis Schaeffer on the topic of Christian disagreements and love. The time-out was well spent as he offered refreshing and much needed advice. In part, Schaeffer explained how Christians must show the love of Christ through disagreements even to the point of suffering for each other. The quote below is longer than I might I normally share, but is well worth the read. What happens, then, when we must differ with other brothers in Christ because of the need also to show forth God’s holiness either in doctrine or in life? In the …keep reading »


5 Essential Questions on Playing the Pharisee Card

The folks from the excellent Lutheran radio show Issues, Etc. have allowed me to post their article “Playing the Pharisee Card”. Calling someone a Pharisee when disagreeing over Christian doctrine or methods is a great way to shut down debate. But how accurately is the Pharisee Card actually played? The article below answers the following five essential questions on playing the Pharisee Card. Were the Pharisees concerned with doctrinal purity? Were the Pharisees resistant to change? Were the Pharisees unconcerned for the lost? Why did Jesus really condemn the Pharisees? Who are the real Pharisees? Playing the Pharisee Card I …keep reading »