Not THAT Blogger!

Note: I previously stated that “if Brewton-Parker states on record that Dr. Caner is not being considered for president in any fashion, this post will be removed.” Just to be clear, I did not receive that on record statement. I have other reasons, which are below, for taking down the post. After much prayer and some counsel, I took down today’s post on Brewton-Parker’s potential presidential consideration. It served its purpose. Though Georgia Baptists still do not have clear answers, Brewton-Parker will make its decision soon enough. Let’s pray for all parties involved for God’s wisdom, guidance, and discernment. Furthermore, …keep reading »


Strange Fire: ‘And I See God the Father’?

Motivated by the recent disagreements over the Strange Fire Conference, Dan McGhee shared the following video on Facebook. The video is Kim Walker of Jesus Culture Music sharing a testimony of an alleged supernatural vision with Jesus Christ and God the Father. I’m sharing the video here not to promote it, but to ask – how does a Christian discern whether or not what Walker describes really happened and is of God? For example, Walker claims the following in the video. And I was in Heaven with Jesus, and I was standing there. And Jesus standing next to me. And I see God …keep reading »


LifeWay Reads With Discernment

Update: The Baptist Standard reported that LifeWay backs off ‘read with discernment’ label for books. Apparently the label was irrelevant to their customers. So all of the links below have been removed since they were dead. LifeWay, the Christian bookstore of the Southern Baptist Convention, has a new warning label out. It’s called Read With Discernment.  You can read more about it at their Read With Discernment page where they explain what they’re doing. Our Challenge to be Discerning We want you to know that the authors of books marked Read with Discernment may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts …keep reading »