Faith-Based FEMA

Check out the short interview below in devastated Oklahoma where the tornado struck. Brian Williams, the reporter, mentions that “there’s FEMA and then there’s the faith-based FEMA.” The man being interviewed explains that we can’t wait on the government to help in this situation, but the Baptist men are going to “get it done tomorrow.” If you’d like to donate to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to help those affected in Oklahoma City click here to donate online or call 1-866-407-NAMB (6262).

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Want to Help Over 200 Children?

The life of a child is priceless, but helping children is not free. Sandy Springs Mission helps over 200 children year round and they need your help! The Mission helps kids in grades 1-12 through their After School Program, Life Skills Program and Summer Camps. These enrichment programs help many at-risk students from low-income families living in Sandy Springs, GA. The Mission, with your support, will give these young people help they might not otherwise receive. The Mission changes kids’ lives and helps them succeed. Mission volunteers help the kids: increase self-confidence, improve grades, and keep them working toward their diplomas. …keep reading »

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Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims

The recent tornadoes that ripped through Alabama left several devastated victims. Unfortunately, over 200 of those victims died and most of the survivors are now rebuilding their lives. As far as I know many of the tornado hit areas received national or regional news coverage. I am writing today about an area that did not receive much news coverage. There is an area in Alabama named Clifton Corners which is around the Fort Payne and Rainsville areas. The above picture was taken minutes before Clifton Corners was hit. As I understand it the area got some local news coverage, but …keep reading »


Help Request for a Metro-Atlanta Mission

The Sandy Springs Mission is at that point of the year again where they need help! Yes, it is fund raising time. Praise the Lord as He has blessed and continues to provide for this Mission. The challenge is to raise $50,000 by Friday, October 8, 2010. The money is needed to continue the work of the their after-school enrichment program in Sandy Springs, Georgia. So I’m reaching out again as I’ve done the last two years. I appreciate the past donations and hope you will prayerfully consider giving if you’re able. Believe me, I know times are tough, but …keep reading »


Help Needed for Local Atlanta Mission

I need your help! Sandy Springs Mission needs your help! Who? What? The Sandy Springs Mission needs help for their after-school program. They minister to low-income elementary and middle-school children and their families in this Metro Atlanta community.These young people get help they might not otherwise receive. The mission helps in these areas.

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Prayer and Donations Needed!

It wasn’t too long ago that a young pastor of a small church needed a vehicle for his family.  Word of this need spread through the blogs.  Several of us gave what we could and it added up in a short time.  Go read about what happened and then come back here to read the rest of this post. Well, I discovered a very important need in the body of Christ due to a linking to my fundraising auction (see HT below).  This is an immediate and ongoing need.  Josh Rittenhouse’s mother, Carol, has cancer.  Treatment for her is very …keep reading »