The Evangelical Left: God Got It Wrong

Steve Hays at Triablogue pulled together several quotes from Evangelical liberals in The optional Jesus. For example: What sort of God would call himself love and then ask that I betray everything I know in my bones to be love in order to worship him? — That means that I am committed to resolving the tension between prima facie contradictory statements. — It seems quite clear that the Laws of Moses were very far from perfect. They are morally substandard in serious and unsalvageable ways. So that’s a problem that’s not neatly resolved. — At times the Bible endorses values we …keep reading »

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Evangelical Identity

I wonder if description below would be true of evangelical Christians as they are known today. If not, I wonder if this should be the description and if it’s a place worth trying to get to. Conclusion: Evangelical Identity Evangelicals believe, first of all, the gospel as it is set forth in the Bible. The word evangelical is derived from the biblical term euangelion meaning “good news.” It is the Good News that God became man in Jesus Christ to live and die and rise again from the dead in order to save us from our sin and all its …keep reading »