Why Christians Should Study Philosophy

Some Christians are opposed to studying philosophy thinking it is opposed to biblical thinking. I am not sure they grasp what they think they are against when they oppose philosophy. Therefore, I would like to share some brief thoughts on the benefits for Christians to study philosophy. First, what is philosophy? Oxford Dictionaries defined philosophy as “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.” In Philosophical Foundations of a Christian Worldview, J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig offer a definition that philosophy is “the attempt to think rationally and critically about …keep reading »


What Christians Can Learn from a Carefree Cussing World

A few years ago at a football game at my daughter’s high school I was blessed with some free profanity. While walking to the car, five teenage boys were walking together close by cussing generously and loudly. Also walking close by was a family with two little kids. After about the third blessing from the teens, I spoke up telling them to watch their language. Thankfully, they stopped. When I was a teenager I rarely cussed, but when I did, I certainly did not do it in public or around adults. I had too much respect for people to freely …keep reading »


Why Invite Unbelievers to Church?

Asking why a Christian would invite an unbeliever to church may strike some as provocative. Yet, it is a valid question. Consider a if a Muslim asked you, Christian, to come worship with him at the mosque. Wouldn’t you wonder why he thought you would consider worshiping Allah? When the church gathers for Sunday morning worship the primary audience is professing Christians. The very definition of the word church is the “called out ones” who are believers. Technically, no believers equals no church. Yet, we know there will be unbelievers in the pews on Sunday morning. Unbelievers should be welcomed …keep reading »


Bad Girls Club Meets the Gospel: A Sample of American Christianity?

The video below is an interaction between pastor Jon Speed and Rocky, a cast member of the reality TV show Bad Girls Club. Speed originally shared the video in his post asking the question – Is Rocky Your Convert, Pastor? Brother Speed encountered the reality star while street preaching. Speed points out in his post what Rocky claims to believe and the easy believism that goes along with her profession. Before you get too upset with Rocky, please read Speed’s P.S. in his post where notes that he spent 20 minutes explaining the gospel to Rocky. What I fear about …keep reading »


Different Gospel Presentations: Who Gets Saved?

The following hypothetical conversations take place when evangelist A shares Jesus with unbeliever A while evangelist B shares with unbeliever B. The reason for this exercise are the recent assertions that Calvinists and non-Calvinists are promoting different gospels. Let’s see…. A B Evangelist A (EA) and Unbeliever A (A):EA: A, I’m glad we could meet today so I can share Jesus with you and explain how to be saved – how to be right with God. A: I told you I would listen to what you have to say about Jesus so here I am! EA: First, I want you …keep reading »


Where Are You?

On a recent Saturday morning, some of us from Sunday School class got to live out our faith a bit. A struggling, single mother needed a new roof on her house because it was leaking. That Saturday morning she received a new roof. She also received the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both were our pleasure. She knew the gospel and professed to be a believer. We kept talking to better understand her situation and how we could pray for her. She was hurting economically like many people right now. She was also hurting spiritually like many people right now. There …keep reading »


IMB Missionary Interview for LovingMuslims.com

The International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention recently launched a website to encourage Christians reach out to their Muslim neighbors. The website is LovingMuslims.com and the timing of the launch was no mistake as the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 approaches. I had the privilege to send a few question to the person behind the vision for the website. That person is, Lil Brooks, the IMB Project Coordinator for Loving Muslims. Lil Brooks may be reached via the email linked here. I pray the interview is helpful and the website useful to help Christians reach their Muslim …keep reading »


BICR About the Gospel

The Problem Think about a time when you’re at work or some other place you frequent with non-Christians.  They know you’re a Christian and you get into a discussion about religion.  It feels really good to be thought of and accepted as a Christian.  You feel like you can fit in without hiding your faith. Then, you’re asked, “What’s this Gospel I always hear Christians’ talking about? I always hear, Gospel this, Gospel that and was wondering.”  You freeze and think for a moment!  Maybe you think of John 3:16 and what you’re actually going to say, but you still …keep reading »


Islamic Calvinists: Flattery through imitation?

First, I want to say that this is truly not flattery as they are not imitating Calvinism merely stealing the name. Second, I am glad, but surprised that the anti-Calvinists out there haven’t used this information to try and discredit Calvinism. Give them time though. III. ISLAMIC CALVINISTS A. Max Weber in Kayseri No visitor to Kayseri could fail to notice that this is both a deeply religious society, and one where change and modernisation are eagerly embraced. There is a large new mosque in the centre of the university, and an even larger one in the industrial zone, where …keep reading »