Facebook Unfriending: Shaking the Digital Dust

Jesus sent his Apostles out to visit homes to proclaim God’s kingdom taking nothing with them. At those homes where the message was rejected, Jesus told them to shake the dust off their feet as they left. Shaking the dust off their feet was a sign of judgement against them for rejecting God’s message. Christian do not witness door to door as they once did. However, many Christians go from digital door to digital door in this age of social media. Sometimes Christians on social media have an encounter from which they must shake the digital dust and move on. …keep reading »


Worship Video: Keep Yo Business off Yo Facebook

Facebook has now infiltrated a local church through a praise song of sorts. The song offers a much needed warning message for Christian Facebook users. The proverbial joyful noise warned the congregation – “Keep yo business off of Facebook, Sunday you actin’ like a saint, But yo Facebook status say you ain’t, Keep yo business off of Facebook.” While it is unclear which gospel musician is going to turn this hit song into the next Grammy, I hear next week’s social media Sunday sensation will be titled – Don’t Be Tweetin’ Yo Trashtags. Whether you love or hate the song, …keep reading »


Is Facebook Becoming the Mormon Police?

Facebook friend Aaron Shafovaloff, who writes at the excellent Mormon Coffee blog, recently had his Mormon Research Ministries Facebook account blocked for 30 days. The images above are screenshots of the warnings he received. Note, he was replying to a Mormon explaining a Christian perspective on an aspect of salvation. As you can see, all he wrote was: “God, I promise you nothing. Help me.” Jesus prefers that over temple vows. That’s all it took to get him banned. There are many more offensive items on Facebook than Aaron’s statement. I’m not even sure how that is offensive and violates …keep reading »


Ethics: Pastor Threatens to Call Out Facebook Posts from Pulpit

What would you do Wednesday! The following situation is based on a true story. Though I don’t always note when an ethics post is based on a true story, but I thought this one a bit odd so I mention it in case anyone wonders if I just made it up. The concern stems from Facebook posts and made its way to the pulpit. Your teenage son is on Facebook. Like all good teenaged Facebook users he updates his wall often. Your son shares his feelings on his wall about various issues in life. If he is struggling, frustrated or …keep reading »


On How Christians Engage Each Other Online

If you have spent any amount of time engaging Christians on any type of social media it is not hard to conclude that some Christians have the gift of the cyber-hammer. Feeling the smashing blows of the cyber-hammer are unmistakable no matter how many internet connections away you may be. My fellow Christians, this ought not be since we are to live at peace with all while praying for our enemies (Rom. 12:14-21) and do good to all, especially, our fellow Christians (Gal. 6:10). I admit, I am guilty! I am also repentant. I am hoping the way I respond …keep reading »


Hating Viki Knox: A Missed Opportunity in First Amendment Rights

Viki Knox, a Union Township New Jersey high school teacher, was recently suspended with pay for comments she made on her Facebook wall. In her comments she criticized the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender history month display at her school. (This display is pictured at the right.) Although the Facebook comments have been removed a New Jersey LGBT rights group, Garden State Equality (GSE), has posted a PDF copy exchange.1 GSE is active on their Facebook page calling for Knox to be fired from her teaching position. Their petition for the school to act against Knox is titled “No Hate In …keep reading »